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Incorporated in 2005, TLR has been in business since 1983. TLR started designing progressive tooling and logic controlled automated manufacturing process lines. Later, TLR expanded in automobile as well as precision quality check instrumentation. The company expanded into software and electronics design as demand for complete end to end mechatronic systems to address new customer demands. Currently, TLR engineered systems are or have been deployed around the globe, from the Mariana Trench to the the Juan de Fuca Ridge as well as Europe, North America and Asia. As a full service enignering company, TLR is always interested in new and challenging projects. Contact us with your next challenge.

Sampling of TLR Project Deliverables

TLR Customer List and Related Project Outline

Univ of Southern California 2012 - Optical Slip RIngs - pressure tolerant - for bore hols packages

Harvard University 2012 - Osmotic Samplers

Univ of Maryland 2012 - Osmotic Samplers

University of California Santa Cruz, 2009 - Precision Flow Meters for Ocean Drilling Program sites w/ IrDA for in situ data downloads including custom electronics and software.

Univ of Washington 2012 - Osmotic Samplers

Univ of Alaska Faribanks - Bore hole O2 logger w/ mounting cages for inline downhole

Univ of Washington 2011 - Osmotic Samplers

Univ of Southern California 2011 - Bore hole O2 logger

Univ of Alaska Faribanks 2011 - Bore hole O2 logger

Candian Gelogic Survey - BC 2011 - Osmotic samplers/p>

Infusion Inc, 2011 - Consulting on Assembly Line components for Management of Fluid Products to increase yield and efficiency

831 Cycles, 2011 - Webpage Development and maintenance

University of Washington, 2011 - Osmotic Pump Samplers for Deep Sea Research Sample Collection, including custom software.

University of California Santa Cruz, 2009 - Precision Flow Meters for International Ocean Drilling Program sites for 2 year minimum deployment, including custom electronics and software.

University of Alaska Fairbanks, 2010 - Borehole Oxygen Sensors for 4 year deployment, including custom communications, electronics and software.

Mike Pinto: Beneteau Yacht Power Monitoring System - 2009, TLR Installation in British Virgin Island to manage power balance and monitoring of solar, wind and engine generation systems.

TLR Property Development and Management, 2002 - Historic home restoration and property manamgement.

Carmel Cruisers, 2001 - Webpage development and maintenance

Kirkwood Chiropractic, 2000 - Web design and maintenance

Wildwood Appraisers, 1999 - Web Design

Express Feedback Inc, 1997 - Custom embedded software development for handheld devices and web interfacing

Dr. Pam Kirkwood (2 offices), 1996 - Internet Services and Tech Support for Monterey County Doctor (other doctor offices also)

Wildwood Appraisers - 1992, Custom software for vintage automobile appraisals.

TLR - 1982 to present, Progressive tooling designer for manufacturing shops.

TLR - 1983, Developed remote camera flash trigger for photographers.


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